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Pregnancy & Post-Partum Retreats

A gateway to the ultimate, transformative retreat to powerfully transition to motherhood in a sisterhood genuine community.  

Mauritius, Indian Ocean
Dubai, UAE
La Martinique, FWI

Deep breathe: spots are still available!

  Imagine how it could feel like to be surrounded by women like you, holding life, glowing, strong, powerful yet vulnerable, lonely, scared at times.

Too many women suffer in silence during pregnancy not having the right support, care and listening ear to go beyond the how are you’s.


Sometimes all you need is a place to be, to be present with the right people, the right environment and the embrace of someone to support you alongside this sacred rite of passage.

I am your sister and put this retreat programme together for you, for them, for us, women. Life creator, power holder, light of the universe. Yes, Am going a bit overboard with the woman thing but hey that’s why am here for. To care for and about you and get this inside birthing goddess light from within you outside.

Our first Bloom Your Birth Retreat will be in the sumptuous and extraordinary emirates of Dubai in the UAE where amazingness meets magic in all of the aspects of the city. This place has been my home for almost a decade now an I feel so grateful to be able to welcome other women to discover during the special time of pregnancy and post-partum.

You will be welcomed into one of the most magical hotels of Dubai where you will find peace and harmony within yourself. We have worked all the details for you to enjoy your state care-free and freely where you and your baby-babies will find grounding, restoration, comfort and love.

Dive into the magic of this pregnancy retreat, 

I welcome you mamasister to join my very exclusive retreat experience for love, mental and physical health, healing, birth preparation and total liberation. This retreat is for the mamas- to- be on their transitional  journey to motherhood whether you are expecting your first baby or another child.

A woman never get ‘used to’ birth and always require as much care, love, support and preparation with each blessing that pregnancy brings.  I am deeply connected to my sisters being a profound womanist (not a feminist) and have spent months tailoring the perfect gateways restorative retreat to bring you joy, calm, inner peace and laughter!

Join me, join us, for once in a lifetime experience that will leave you feeling mentally prepared, physically strong, emotionally supported, inspired, understood, listen to and excited to birth your baby-babies in the most extraordinary way.

If you are craving a break like no other for a different type of pre-natal care, you are on the right path to prepare for a better you and welcome your baby, babies in the best mindset possible.

Meet like-minded mamasisters on the same journey

Make new mama-to-be friends

Learn relaxation and breathing techniques to birth your baby

A goodness bag to keep forever with:

Sacred stuff that we keep a surprise (contact womb lady)

Many samples and products of useful things for your pregnancy and post-partum 

Discounts to shop with mind-aligned women-owned businesses

Comfy things to wear

Unlimited hugs and support from our group, providers, participants and myself! 

What's included? 


What will we be doing?...

An insight of our schedule: 


Morning prenatal Yoga with Instructor

Chanting Morning Meditation

Delicious, filling and satisfiying Vegan or vegetarian


Presentation of the retreat with providers

Pregnancy Art Making (flower crowns)

Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch

Birth prep' with Anne using Hypnobirthing, Guided Meditation and more.

Q&As about Doula Support and Breastfeeding 

Massages & Spa 

Many 'doing nothing but chilling breaks'

Delicious Plant-based Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner full of deliciousness

Moonlight Prenatal Yoga Group Session

Sisterhood Gratitude Circle 

And sooo much more.

Get in touch and request the full 3 days Pregnancy Retreat Programme

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