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Cells4Life provides the option to save the maximum number of your baby’s stem cells at birth: (1) Cord Blood Storage with 3 different processing technologies – Whole cord blood, Volume-Reduced, and CellsPlus; (2) Cord Tissue Storage; (3) Placental Cells Storage; and (4) Amnion Storage.


Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat more than 85 medical conditions including cancers, blood disorders like thalassemia, auto-immune diseases and more. Placental cells are also being used in clinical trials to treat many conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes while Amnion has been used to treat burns and wounds since the 20th century.


Cells4Life is the only stem cell bank in the UK and Middle East licensed by the HTA and AABB to process and store the Cord Blood, Cord Tissue, Placental Cells and Amnion for therapeutic use.


Learn more about stem cell banking options with Cells4Life

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Bébé Nature is a French-owned baby skincare company created by a community of passionate experts. Coming from different backgrounds, the founders have shared secrets passed down by their mothers and grandmothers to create unique and safe formulas perfect for babies and toddlers sensitive skin.


Bébé Nature prides itself on providing parents with environmentally friendly, gentle and effective baby products made of 100% natural ingredients to best care for your baby's skin.

Learn more about Bébé Nature


Swimming Wonders offers parents of Dubai swimming and fitness solutions from (–9 ) months to 6 years of age with the following programmes:
•  AquaBumps - prenatal water-based programme
•  AquaPilates - Pilates in the water (postnatal and injuries)

•  AquaFit - total body water workout (great to get back in pre-pregnancy body shape)
•  Baby Swim - For babies from 2 to 36 months

Learn more about Swimming Wonders- Aqua Bumps

dubaimadame_logo.png is the benchmark French-language media online magazine in Dubai. Created in 2007, with the ambition to unite the French and Francophone community of Dubai, the magazine has only grown over the years. It is now intended for all French-speaking residents; but also to all those who wish to settle in Dubai; or to travellers passing through the city. To this day, became the essential partner of French-speaking actors and institutions in the city, present on social networks, as close as possible to its community.

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Because being a mother is happiness, joy, fulfilment... but also frustration, fatigue, anger ... Because it's not always that easy to talk about all of this. Because being an expatriate mom is one more challenge to take up. Bulles de Mamans is a French community of mothers addressed to all francophones offering monthly meetings to share with other one another about their experiences, joys and difficulties related to motherhood. Whether you are a future mother, young mother or mother of a large family, come and discuss various themes in the presence of voluntary health professionals (psychologists, doctor, midwife, etc.)

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