Bloom Your Birth is an oasis for pregnancy, birth and post-partum well being that proudly offers caring and personal selection of services to all of our future mothers. We believe in taking a holistic approach to health, nurturing the physical, mental, and emotional self of each woman as well as your birth partner(s). We integrate both traditional and more modern approaches to pregnancy, birth and post-partum that are all equally important and necessary to every single woman, aiming to provide a complete wellness experience.
Classes are offered either Face-to Face or online via Zoom, within groups of 2 to 5 couples or privately.
Your pregnancy, your baby(ies), your choice.


4 weeks(*) programme divided intro 4 sessions followed by mums and birth parter(s) to prepare for a life-changing experience.

+ BONUS Session on Breastfeeding and

Post-Partum Care

Doula Support

There is a Doula for every and each woman. Get the right support throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond with the caring help of a Doula.

Breastfeeding Support

Get the right help from the very beginning of your journey to Motherhood to successfully breastfeed your baby/babies and overcome any challenge,

(*) Our Hypnobirthing programme can be shorther or longer based on your own needs. We offer fast-track sessions than can be squeezed within one or two weeks as per your wishes. Speak to us if you'd like a tailored programme with unconventional time and hours or have any specific requests. We will have a solution for you!🙏🤗