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My 2nd Water Birth 

And then my little Loulou arrived,

Pink Lily

One afternoon, the 2nd of December 2018 


Medication-Pain Killers: None

Labour: About 16 hours

Where: Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai

Water Birth

3.260g at birth


Three years later I was pregnant again. This time around, I decided to prepare for labour and Birth from day 1! I was lucky enough to be part of these women who knows from the very beginning when they are pregnant. Yeahh! So I enjoyed every bit of pregnancy. And yes, I loveeed being pregnant, growing life, being a woman.

I will be honest here- I was anxious about being induced again-  I had however decided to take control over my pregnancy, my mind, and my body and lead the way with my baby. I bought some hypnobirthing books as well as registering for some private classes with an instructor teaching the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. 

My husband and I really enjoyed the entire course,  did our 'homework', our own research and get used to our daily relaxation routine. Pure bliss together with our baby. Our older son even joined us sometimes. He was already so loving towards his little brother in the womb. The classes helped us to prepare and visualise ourselves together as a couple and learn how to better support each other for our magical day.


At 38 weeks, my doctor offered to 'speed things up'... despite having told her clearly that I wanted to trust the birthing process and go as natural as possible and just wait for my baby to come when he will be ready. Simple, right? She had obviously forgotten my wishes.


Nevertheless, I replied 'no' to her...She pretexted that she needed to check my cervix (which was by the way not necessary) and performed a membrane sweep without my consent! I KNOW- IT DID HURT and felt so intrusive.

A couple of days after and three days before my estimated due date, she announced me that she had a conference to attend in her home country...and will have to leave right during the week of my estimated 'due date' ...


I was pretty shocked...I knew I would have had given birth right during this time frame. It had taken me so much time and dedication to finding a 'good' doctor (which she was not at all at the end) that I totally refused to go with some last-minute random doctor. 

Thanks to the support of various Facebook groups I got few recommendations for 'pro-natural' doctors...(some of you will understand why I've used ''). Luckily, I managed to see my new doctor I picked two days before my due date. I explained to her my situation and she kindly accepted to become my new doctor. I was so relieved and happy. Cancelled all my previous paper works in Hospital A and raise a new request in Hospital B with my new doctor. Everything went so well.

Two days after, I lost my mucus plug on December 1st in the morning. Felt things were kind of different...The day went by nicely, having some Braxton Hicks contractions here and there but just like I normally had throughout my pregnancy.

I went out for dinner with a friend of mine and my first son. I felt like yes, those Braxton Hicks contractions do get stronger. I focused on my breathing and carried on my evening. Went back home and felt some lower back pain, things were manifesting. This was early labour.

Midnight hits and I decide to have 'an early night' (being a late sleeper). Then it starts- yep I am in labour, I thought to myself. Surges come stronger and I do have to make some efforts to focus on my surges and breathing. I decided to try to sleep but I can't. The whole night passes by with sometimes regular surges every 2-3 minutes and then 5-8 min apart. I was a bit confused.

I labour at home until 9.30 am and decide to go to the hospital with hubby. Reach there by 10 am- the midwife checks me - I am 5 cm dilated- Nice- I thought to myself (but keep in mind it doesn't matter at all!)

I stay upright standing from 10 am to 3 pm until my doctor comes hoping to have a faster labour- Surges have the same intensity- she checks- still 5cm- I cried by disappointment (don't ask me why).

I felt the fatigue kicking in... it had been already 15 long hours...My doctor knew I wanted to go as natural as possible but carefully suggested to break my waters so my surges get stronger and more effective. I am again disappointed- But I am OK this time as I knew things don't always go as per plan. (Thanks Hypnobirthing) This was not that big of a deal at the end...

I accepted: She broke my waters, warning me that things will get more 'intense'. And yes it did get way more intense...


I instinctively started to inhale more deeply and hum my baby down with some loud 'Ahhh' noises. I remember feeling the vibrations of my voice all the way down to my vagina and it felt so good and helped to soothe and control the discomfort.

I remember telling myself ’why didn’t I do that sooner?’ I felt a strong 'poo-poo' pressure down my lower back/rectum. The doctor helps me to stand and hang on to a rope attached to the ceiling while squatting down. Had two surges in this position, and then the midwife gently helps me to move into the birthing pool.

I was very focused, confident, as well as fatigue and yes - a little scared. I shook off all that remaining part of the fear that was left and gathered all my strength and power to bear my baby down.

Two surges later, seated in the pool, back against one of the pool wall, surrounded by the loving arms of my husband, I felt his head coming out with one surge. Few long minutes pass - golden rest. I enjoyed this break so much. I stay calm, so calm not even answering to my doctor's questions. Another surge comes in which I ride with courage and excitement. I know I will be holding my baby soon. And there he comes, my baby's body is now out of me - with no forceful pushing: I birthed my baby.

I grabbed him and took him up against my chest. His eyes were wide opened and so we began our journey as a family of four.

I come out of the pool a few minutes after holding my umbilical cord and my baby in my arms (don't know why but I felt a bit rushed here). Get some minor repair work done down there... and then birthed my placenta. This was not painful.

I remembered feeling so proud of myself, so strong, so powerful. I thought about all the women that I was looking up to and felt so grateful to be a woman with such a  super-power. The power of birthing. How I love you my unique Loulou.


To be continued...

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