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How to gift a Mama?

Sorry to say that time's up. Time's up to offer the 10th pair of Pjs, lovey, baby socks, another hair band or bib and the list goes on...

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Time to think smart and useful to truly celebrate and honour new mothers and mamas-to-be! And so, no matter if it is a 1st or a 5th baby! Every woman, every pregnancy, every birth and every new baby has the right to be celebrated and nurtured.

Life-Changing Gift Ideas 


Baby Shower &

Blessing Ways

Contribute to the physical preparation and mental conditioning of the future mama for her upcoming birth-day. Invest in genuine childbirth education is a lifetime gift that she will surely never forget!

You may choose

to 'gather & split' to gift our full 5 weeks Childbirth Conditioning and Hypnobirthing programme or a full doula support for instance among other of our services.


Maternity Leave

Having a pregnant colleague,co-worker leaving on maternity-leave? Once again, think smart and make a mama-to-be *really* happy and satisfied with a useful present to prepare and condition herself for her birth-day and/or post-partum retreat.

The choice is yours between  Hypnobirthing and childbirth conditioning classes, breastfeeding counselling visits, pre/postnatal yoga, doula support and more.


New Mother &


While entering motherhood and mothering a newborn angel can be the purest act of love ever, it often comes with many challenges, loneliness, fears and anxiety. Make a difference in this mama's life by gifting her one of post-partum wellness and celebrating ritual, breastfeeding support, a birth story listening session and more, placenta art and more goodness!

Want a bespoke gifting option?
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