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Placenta Stamp and cutting

This is the part when all our supportive, onboard dads leave the ship and never return. ahah.

After the birth of your baby I can collect your precious placenta and make some 'bloody stamps' on thick cardboard white paper and/or cut it into pieces for whichever home preparation you wish me to make or make yourself later as you please, such as smoothies, stews or tinctures.

AED 250

*Post-Partum Investment:

*Included in your Doula package with no additional cost.


Placenta Art & Keepsake

For the most romantic of us, I use beautiful paintings with the colors/themes of your choice to make a personalised master piece on thick white cardboard paper. You may keep it forever as a souvenir, use as a decorative wall piece in your baby's nursery and later gift it to your grown up child when their times come to become parents. The possibilities are limitless. The total cost includes 3 paintings.

*Post-Partum Investment:

AED 350

*Included in your Doula package with no additional cost.


Placenta Encapsulation

Exciting service coming up soon! It is believed that consuming your own placenta either raw or encapsulated present various health benefits that I'll be debunking in my upcoming blog post. Subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page to be notified as soon as this service and blog post is available!

Coming soon

Post-Partum Investment:

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