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Breastfeeding Education & assistance:


Truthful education about breastfeeding is key for a successful feeding journey with your baby-ies.

We have been imbibed with wrong informations, countless myths, fears, horror stories of destroyed bleeding nipples and agonising babies and mothers among other tales... all of these leading the women of our times to not even dare to try one of the most beautiful right and gift given to women. Be part of the awaken conscious women who want to dig deeper and know that there is a way, there are solutions to problems and definitely a path for you to also breastfeed like millions of other women on this planet.

So come and join me in my 3 hours workshop to learn all you will need to know from evidence-based, logical and genuine knowledge to the cultural and spiritual aspect of breastfeeding to confidently prepare and condition yourself to not only breastfeed your child-to-be born but nourish and nurture your baby and yourself for timeless joy and satisfaction.

Life-saving investment cost:

AED 500

So you just gave birth to your baby-ies and are struggling with latching him/her properly, get your baby to suckle rightly and start to get signs that something is wrong? Get in touch with me to arrange a visit at either the hospital or your home.

Each visit last about 2 hours to assist you as best as possible in correcting, adjusting your baby's latch, position for you to have a pleasant, enjoyable and blissfull breastfeeding experience.

Life-saving investment cost:

AED 380

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