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Closing of the bones ceremony have been practiced in various culture across the globe since the beginning of humanity. Names and practices varies of course but the intention and process keep the same essence: to honour the new mother and release her from her expansion duties that pregnancy and birth brought.

How does it work?


Commonly the whole process last about 2 hours in which we debrief the birth and open up to talk and let go of stuck, hidden emotions. Then the mother goes and take a bath that has been thoroughly prepared for her.

In the meantime, we, the sisters organising this ceremony for her go and prepare the set up to 'close her' down along with her chakras.

With a total of 7 main chakras and point of attachment, we firmly wrapped the new mother up at 7 precise locations on her bodies. This is believed to close the pelvis among other body part after the tremendous opening and expanding work accomplished by the mother.

This process is done slowly to allow emotions to flow and give permission to the mother to grief her pregnancy and the birth process to move on to motherhood. Each practitioner has their own way of closing the bones making this a ceremony that the mother and whoever is attending a memorable, tender and relaxing experience. On top of the spiritual aspect that this ceremony present, this moment is also aiming at soothing and/or releasing the mother from any physical and psyches aches, pain and locked emotions as well as to demonstrate our gratitude as fellow human beings for bringing up another child onto our world.

We leave the mother wrapped relax for sometimes while holding space for her. After the unwrapping we massage her and purify the room, flower-shower her and release her back to her baby-ies.

This ceremony can also be followed by honouring the placenta if the parents had kept it.

When to do the ceremomy?


While closing of the bones ceremony can be done at any important and impactful moment of a woman's life, in the context of childbirth, this can be done ideally within the 40 days post-partum period at a convenient time for the mother and baby-ies at the mother's home or anywhere she might be recovering in.

Having someone caring for the baby during the process will be highly beneficial to allow the mother to fully relax and embrace this tailor-made moment.

How much does it cost?


The entire 2hours process come at the price of AED 600.

Please also note that this can be offered as a post-partum present by any friends, family members or anyone who cares about the new mother looking at a useful, meaningful and unique gift idea.

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