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This could be you...

Learn more about the Childbirth Conditioning & Hypnobirthing program

  • Experience sharing

  • Presentation of the Programme

  • Why words matter

  • The right birth on the day

  • How and why hypnosis is helpful

  • Understand the Fear-Pain cycle

  • Know your birthing muscle

  • Grounding Exercices

  • Energy, chakra work & Quantum Physics

  • Thought exchange Practice

  • Relaxation Practice: Cloak of protection

  • And More!

Session 1 - Your foundations: Hypnosis & Spiritual Awakening 

  • How to efficiently relax 

  • Effective positions and practices for relaxation

  • Practice of several breathing techniques

  • How does a surge/wave feel like?

  • Understand how a 'contraction' work

  • How to welcome a birthing surge

  • Self Hypnosis/ Eyes Opened Hypnosis

  • Time distortion

  • Anchoring

  • Relaxation Practice: Birth partner script 

  • And More!

Session 2 - Relaxation & Breathing

  • Prenatal Bonding

  • Wise Hippo Parents Testimonials

  • Baby’s Ideal Position: Birth Mantra practice

  • Physical Preparation for Birth

  • Understand how vaginas stretch during birth

  • Options to promote comfort

  • Getting Labour started

  • Birth Planning: how to prevent unnecessary interventions

  • Relaxation Practice: Fear Release

  • And More!

Session 3 - The Physiology of Birth

  • Soothing Strokes - Practice

  • Optimal positions to labour and birth

  • Insight on the Pelvis and Ligaments

  • Why Pushing your baby is not a must

  • Birth Humming- Practice

  • How to make efficient decisions fast 

  • Birth Planning (follow-on)

  • Labour scenarios and how to apply your techniques

  • Relaxation practice: Sea of Serenity

  • And More!

Session 4 - From Labour to Birth

  • What to expect after Birth and during the post-partum period

  • Breastfeeding Awareness

  • The Positions to adopt to breastfeed

  • How breast milk is produced and nutrition

  • Understand the role of hormones

  • Discover the Spirituality of Breastfeeding

  • Common problems and... solutions! :)

  • Relaxation practice: Successful Breastfeeding Journey

  • And more!

Session 5 - Breastfeeding &
                Post-Partum MotherCare

All classes are offered either Face-to Face or online via Zoom, within groups of 2 to 5 couples together or privately.

Don't have enough time?

(*) Maybe you bumped onto this website by pure chance and are due to birth anytime from now. Don't you panic mama sister, this Childbirth Conditioning and Hypnobirthing program can be shorter or longer based on your own needs. I offer fast-track sessions that can be squeezed within one or two weeks (even less!) as per your wishes.

Send me a message if you'd like a tailored program with unconventional time and hours or have any specific requests. I always find solutions for my last-minutes mamas! 🙏🤗

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