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Hello Dear Mother,

Thank you for being here and taking action to achieve the birth of your dream.

My name is Anne-Tiphaine, Anne for a shorter UAE version. It took me sometimes to get used to it but I did eventually. So yes, here I am, Anne, proud founder of Bloom Your Birth.


I am a french Caribbean girl from Martinique (French West Indies) and very proud of my island and origins. I invite you to find out more about this little piece of heaven right here: https://us.martinique.org/



I am now a happy mum of 3 little angels all born in the city that never sleeps, Dubai (no, not New York Ahah).

I have two energetics and loving boys, a sporty 6 years old and a 2 years old Teddy bear as well as a new addition to our family, a little 5 months old baby girl. Yes- crazy busy house somedays but I love it!

I have created Bloom Your Birth to finally give Birth to a hidden passion I had for years since my teens years: Birth. Somehow I never pursued this passion and started to work in sales and marketing for years. After the birth of my first son, I had met a new mom in a coffee morning who shared her incredible experience using hypnobirthing. I was amazed and fascinated and made a promise to myself to give it a go for my 2nd child. And I did!


I am passionate about the amazingness of the woman's body and our ability to literally grow, birth and nourish little humans! Each Birth is unique and incredible in its own way and truly magical and sacred. No one can tell what will happen and how it will all unfold. We don't know either how the new parents will turn to be like and how they will welcome motherhood and fatherhood.

I had a very surprising first Birth with my older son being induced and all. No need to go into too much details here if you read my first birth story. But it was not enjoyable and very brutal. I kept that bittersweet taste in my throat for years before having my second child.

This time around, I made a commitment: educate myself more, prepare my body and mind adequately to Birth my baby completely naturally.

I ended up having a wonderful water Birth after a pretty long labour. It was amazing. I felt empowered, stronger than ever. I felt like a birthing queen. So blessed to have gently welcomed my second son in the water by my husband and me. It was such an accomplishment, such a glory, it was incredible. I did it! I thought to myself.

Every day since, I evolved into a happier than ever mother of 2 boys, feeling 'satisfied' if I can say that. I needed this healing birth. From then on, I decided to dig deeper and learn more about Birth and Hypnobirthing. I have followed the Wise Hippo Birth programme training and became an instructor as well as a Birth and Post-Partum Doula.

For my recent Birth, in August 2020, I, this time decided to keep the gender of my baby a surprise until Birth! What an exciting journey it has been! I found out after a long night that I was having a baby girl this time. The extra touch of femininity that we needed in our family, such a fresh flower.

I was calm and confident during labour and bravely rode my waves all the way to the Birth of my baby after a 14-hour labour. I will be honest here. This birth was very challenging and the toughest among my three. I was so very grateful to use my hypnobirthing techniques to consciously breathe, relax my muscles and keep control of my mind while following my instincts. Such a mental work effort and birthing dance.

My birthing team was amazing and played a massive role in this achievement by their encouragement and their support.

After having 3 different Births in different environments, in different circumstances, in different state of mind, this pushed me, even more, to extend my knowledge about child Birth and the woman's body to genuinely help women and their partners to achieve the Birth of their dream.


I keep on learning every day thanks to my amazing mums, my trainers and my daily research and just can't stop learning and educate myself every day a bit more. I just can't wait to get to help you, mothers, fathers, families to welcome your baby or babies (hello twins, triplets and more!) in a calm, peaceful way just like it should always be. 

If you want to learn more about my personal experiences in more details, have a nice read down below or get in touch with me.

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