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Prepare for a magical birth
for a life-changing experience 


Once upon a time...women decided it was time to unearth the truth and secrets of childbirth...

And here you are...
Welcome mamasisters and papasisters, welcome.


What is Hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing might sound a bit hippie-dippie but is actually an amazing way to prepare all types of pregnant women both mentally and physically whether they wish to achieve a natural birth or not.

It has been used for centuries by women from all cultures in different ways that we know today.

There were just no group classes, books, MP3s and podcasts to listen to back in the days. Women simply used to pass on their knowledge and support to each other to relax and trust

their bodies’ abilities to birth.

Anne, our founder is a happy mother of 3 children and have experienced the joy and power of using hypnobirthing herself to birth her last 2 children. She is now a passionate advocate of hypnobirthing and decided to share it with all women willing to take control over their pregnancy and birth. This is when she founded  Bloom your Birth. To educate, enrich and empower future parents.

Bloom your Birth teaches powerful techniques to remain calm, relaxed and in control throughout pregnancy, labour and birth within the 4 weeks Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing Programme.

The entire course can easily be followed by pregnant women along with their birth partner either within a group, private or online class.

Make the choice for yourself, baby and family to be prepared, confident and fearless to achieve a positive, empowering and magical birth.


Why Childbirth Conditioning?...

Simply because this programme does not prepare any woman or any dad for B.I.R.T.H.


It does however deeply condition a woman to birth in full consciousness through a combination of tools, techniques and stimulis thought in my 5 weeks Childbirth Conditioning and hypnobirthing program.


The verb 'Prepare' mainly refers to organization and planning, while the verb 'Condition', refer to consciously use the mind ahead of an event to recreate a certain behavior. 

While you can certainly prepare your baby's nursery, it is very unlikely that you will condition your hospital bag, leave this for your mind and spirit. :)

Trust and believe that birth is a safe, natural and spiritual event.


What others couples have said...

Wow! Can I only say that? I have given birth to my 1st child and felt like the strongest woman on earth. I hummed my baby down and literally followed my body's surges. I can't recommend Hypnobirthing and Anne's classes enough.🙌🙏
Olivia and Paul

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